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Once upon a time, there was a couple named Alex and Sarah. They had been together for five years, but lately, their relationship had hit a rough patch. They were arguing more often, and their fights seemed to escalate quickly.

One evening, after a particularly heated argument, Sarah suggested they try couples therapy. Alex was hesitant, but he agreed to give it a try. They found a therapist who specialized in conflict resolution and began their sessions.

During therapy, Alex and Sarah learned about the conflict cycle – the pattern of behaviors that they fell into during arguments. They would start with a minor disagreement, which would escalate into a full-blown fight. After a while, they would both hit a plateau, where they were too angry to continue but couldn’t find a way to resolve the conflict either.

The therapist taught them techniques to interrupt the conflict cycle and resolve their disagreements in a healthier way. They learned how to communicate effectively, listen to each other’s perspectives, and take responsibility for their own actions.

Over time, Alex and Sarah’s relationship began to improve. They still had disagreements, but they were able to resolve them without getting into full-blown fights. They found themselves hitting fewer plateaus and were able to reach a resolution more quickly.

One day, Sarah surprised Alex with a special dinner to celebrate their progress. As they ate, they reflected on how far they had come and how much they had learned about each other. They both knew that there would still be challenges ahead, but they felt confident that they could face them together.

But even though she was gone, I held onto those positive feelings I had whenever I was around her. I knew that she would want me to remember her with joy and gratitude, rather than sadness and grief.

So, I started doing things that reminded me of her. I listened to her favorite songs, watched her favorite movies, and even wore some of her old clothes. Whenever I did these things, I felt like she was right there with me, and it made me feel happy and comforted.

I also started reaching out to our mutual friends more often. We would share stories about our friend and reminisce about all the good times we had together. Being able to talk about her with others who loved her as much as I did made me feel like she was still a part of my life in some way.

Over time, the pain of her loss lessened, but the positive memories and feelings remained. I realized that even though my best friend was gone, the impact she had on my life would stay with me forever. And whenever I felt sad or alone, I could still remember that feeling of happiness and love that being around her brought me.

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